A step back in time! This is a hot rod built to old school design. It is not a brand new hot rod and is not a kit. I don't know when it was built. But it probably was built in the early 90's by someone who had a lot of old school design and parts knowledge ( and a lot of old parts!).

I like to call it a Hemi with a t-bucket attached! This thing is all engine!

From the 12" Ford drum brakes all around, the late 40's Ford steering box, Packard manual transmission, Ansen Posi Shift, dropped Model "A" axle to the 1953 Chrysler Early Hemi this is an old fashioned T-Bucket. I also found signs that this engine may be a vintage ex-race engine. Also check out the rear radius rod weldment assembly, one of a kind!

ENGINE: 1953 Chrysler Hemi. 331 cid bored out to 354 cid. Engine s/n C53-8-16130. Approx. 11:1 compression ratio (high domed pistons).

  New Erson hydraulic cam and lifters: (zero lift) Intake: .472" lift, 296 duration: Exhaust: .472 lift, 306 duration.

  New adjustable pushrods.

  New Hot Heads aluminum single quad intake manifold.

  New Hot Heads oil pump.

  New double roller timing chain and gears.

  Heads are newly rebuilt with new SS valves, new seats, seals, guides, springs.

  Professionally rebuilt rocker arm assemblies.

The engine short block is as I rec'd it when I bought the car. It checked out with a zero ridge at top of cylinders and everything clean. But it is not stock original, it appears to be a race built engine from the mid-60's from the parts I found inside. The ports had been radiused, It had an early Isky roller cam and early roller lifters from the 60's still in it and working, Isky rev kit (when is the last time you saw an early hemi rev kit?), and an early modified oil pump based upon the stock 331. The pistons are high domed, probably 11:1. Some real vintage speed parts were inside.

I replaced the cam, lifters, push rods, timing chain, and oil pump with new parts. Of course the rev kit came out too. I think this engine had some early racing history!

INTAKE: New Hot Heads all aluminum intake manifold with a Carter AFB model 1987 (625cfm). Electric choke. Hot Heads PCV system.

EXHAUST: Zoomie Lakester style headers with a chrome turndown muffler. I also added Patriot spiral muffler inserts into the collectors to quiet it down, but not too quiet! The headers also have unique custom made flamed "spats" over the collectors, spaced 1/4" away for a 3d effect.

 IGNITION: New Mallory complete electronic system. Unilite distributor specially made for the early Hemi, Hyfire IVa control module, and Promaster coil. A wonderful and reliable ignition system. New chrome one wire alternator.

RADIATOR: New aluminum custom made to my spec's by PRC. A beautiful radiator. Dual 10" electric fans with relay and adjustable thermostat. No radiator thermostat, a restricter disc setup is used in the piping. It runs fine in Texas 95 degree heat, maybe a bit cool in 70 degree weather. Changing the disc diameter in the bypass hose would change that.

FRAME: 2" x 4" rectangular steel tubing. 103" wheelbase.

TRANSMISSION: Early Packard 3 speed manual. Non-synchro first. Unusual top cover side shaft shift lever setup. Adapter plate is used to mate the trans. with engine. Probably an early model of trans adapter plate for this transmission. In the old days Honest Charley made adapters for LaSalle and Packard manual transmissions.

SHIFTER: From old photos it looks like an Ansen Posi-Shift (early 60's).

FRONT END: Model A axle, drilled and dropped. 12" drum brakes all around. 42-48 Ford spindles.

STEERING: Probably an early 50's Ford truck box, maybe late 40's. See photos. Some of the other steering parts may be early Speedway items.

REAR AXLE: 9" Ford I believe.

RADIUS RODS: The rear radius rod setup is very unique and unusual. It is a well-fabricated complex weldment. One of a kind! See photos.

BODY: Fiberglass. Color: Dark blue. Interior is gray and blue vinyl. Both are in good shape. Body has molded in color that is still excellent.





This view shows the "Flamed Header Spats" that I made to fit over the collectors.

I use Patriot spiral auger muffler inserts in the collector and a glass pack flow through chrome turndown.














It's all Engine!











This shows the custom made radius arm weldment. A very complex design, I haven't seen one like it before.

This was on the car when I bought it.










Here is what I found inside the engine when I rebuilt the top end. 1960's vintage Isky roller lifters with rev kit!

Wild! Too wild for the street, out they came.







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