3d Pinball Playfield Restoration

By Alan Lewis

The playfield had 6 major wear through channels coming out of all the kick out holes plus a lot of white ball divots all over.  The pop bumper areas were well worn and had damage.  One insert was missing and four inserts were completely disintegrated but still hanging in there.  All the plastics were damaged.

center before.jpg


The first order of business was to scan the playfield.

insert repair.jpg

The center inserts were repaired with waterslide decals.  After scanning and repairing the image a decal was made and cut in half for easier handling.  The insert holes were punched in before applying the decal.  This was a VERY fragile decal and was difficult to get it to lie down.

center insert repair after.jpg

The area above the inserts was also repaired using a decal.  This is the finished job for both.

dancer repair2.jpg

More wear through damage.  Fill in this damage and sand flat.  The best thing to use for filling in is stick epoxy.  It can be wet troweled very flat and smooth when applied.

dancer repair3.jpg

A decal was made and trimmed to fit just the damaged area.  I decided to err on the side of more original graphics showing rather than repair an entire area for a small area of damage.  This is a choice that you must make.

dancer repair4.jpg

The result is quite good.  You can see the areas that join but when the game is finished and you are playing you will not notice it at all.  The best part is I saved most of the original graphic.

pop repair.jpg

The pop bumper areas had to be filled in and leveled.  Again use stick epoxy for this.

pop decal repair.JPG

A decal was made that included the entire pop bumper area, including the bare wood grain.  I used the clone tool in Photoshop to reproduce the original wood grain so it looked natural.

pop repair 2.jpg

This is the finished decal repair

upper decal before.JPG

Wear through at the four upper kick out holes.


top repair decal.jpg

Four separate repair decals were made in order to save the original graphics as much as possible.  Again this is a choice you must make.  One large decal would look better but cover up a lot of good original graphics.

top repair final.jpg


shooter 3.jpg

shooter final.jpg

The shooter gauge was scanned and a clear repair decal was made.  The gauge was grit blasted, painted with hammered silver paint and the repair decal applied.

Copyright 2010 by Alan Lewis