Anything with Dom Rinaldi out of New Jersey.

He ran a D-Dart in 1968 (F/Stock) and in 1969 when it was classed in G/Stock.

Lettered 'Big B'Wana'.

Ran 13.50's or thereabouts when I saw it.

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I was in touch with Dom in Sept, 2010. We were both chiming in on a D/Dart thread on Classracer. He sent me an email with a pdf file attached -- of the car. Unfortunately, the photo was scanned with the car upside down and I haven't been able to turn it around. Can't just rotate it and save it like a jpeg file.

This is from Dom's email --- "I no longer have the car. It was stolen from the front of my Sunoco station in Englishtown NJ on Union Hill road which is the entry road to Raceway Park. The car was never found. It was stolen in April of '68 and never found.

This picture was talen at Atco Dragway in July of '67. They classified it as a G/S although it was F/S at Raceway Park. I might have pictures at Englishtown".

He still has the title for it if it is ever found.