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Unless otherwise marked, all photos are copyright by Alan Hvizdos

{Thanks Alan for the great photos of these survivors!}

Ted Spehar's Performance Automotive "The Politician" race car as it is today.

It was the first car of the 50 produced.

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This is another D/Dart survivor

Restored now and has been to a few Mecum Auctions with varied results.




The car now restored


At a recent Mecum Auction


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Another D/Dart to be used as a daily driver.

The story goes that the original owner who purchased it right off the showroom floor had an accident that pretty much destroyed

the right-rear quarter-panel, and he lost interest in keeping the car.  He sold it to a San Francisco cab driver who lived nearby,

and it was then used as a commute vehicle until I found it parked along the street one night.  Everything looked right about

the car, including the radio delete plate which had been cobbled up to fit an aftermarket radio/cassette unit.  I kept leaving

notes until the driver finally called me, so I could inspect the car.  Sure enough, the numbers were a match for the D-Dart,

and a deal was struck.  I was the third owner.


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Just Found! 

A junkyard find of an original D/Dart in 2008

They are still out there.............


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Another D/Dart being restored by Larry Underwood.

Thanks Larry for the great photo!

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Sam Brown Dodge as found recently

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Ferris Miles SCCA A Sedan Trans Am as restored

This one was a D/Dart in origin. Other Trans Am Darts, such as the Group 44 Dart, were based upon the Dart 270 sedan.