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Here are some key specifications:

1) The car was a standard Dart GT model, but with high performance options installed at the factory. The rated horsepower was 275, compared to the 235HP of the standard high performance engine option. The differences included a Holley 4160 carb., CamCraft 284 degree Camshaft, Racer Brown valve springs, low restriction air cleaner, and a Weber clutch. Also they used the 8 3/4" Sure-Grip rear end, Doug Headers, 4 speed transmission, heavy duty suspension, and 6.95x14 BSW tires.

The stock Inland Shifter was installed, not a Hurst. 

No warranty was offered for the car due to the intended purpose.

The cars have a VIN starting with L023D6, and 50 were made April 17, 1966.

2) Car Craft magazine printed an article in 1966 about the car, and from the photos I picked up a few other features of the car.

It did not have the center console from the standard GT model, it had a manual choke with the knob on the lower right side of the steering wheel, and the engine maintains the general appearance of the 273 commando (235HP) engine offered on the Formula S Barracuda and the Darts.

The cars were all white exterior with red interior, and had the rear seat belt and radio delete option.  The Dougs Headers were in the trunk for owner installation.  Sometimes the Dealers installed them.

The D-Dart did have (2) unneeded items removed from the car. (1) The radio and (2) the center console unit that was typical on the Dart GT's.
The car came with the heater installed, and the inlet and outlet hoses were connected to their ports, mounted on the passenger side of the firewall. Most racers just disconnected the hoses, and several (if not 80%) removed the heater unit (about 18 lbs. of weight) from the car.

Basic 6.95 x 14" 2-ply tires were used, mounted on 4.5" wide steel wheels, with the 5-bolt 4" bolt pattern (commonly called the A-body wheels).

Doug Headers. Street-type non-fenderwell units that went down the sides of the engine compartment and under the chassis. The headers have 1 5/8 tubes. The collector is about 2 7/8" ID -- a wierd size. The factory y-pipe is 2 1/2". These dimensions are from a surviving set of headers today.

The Certicard came with the cars.

3) According to the Car Craft article the car came from the factory with two information bulletins specific to the D/Dart. They had a total of over 20 pages. Included in this was information on how to convert a standard 273 (235HP) Commando engine to the 275HP D/Dart version. The parts were available directly from the factory.

4) The intake manifold is the standard single plane one used on the 235HP engine but the bores enlarged and an adapter added for the Holley carb (the 235HP engine used a Carter carb).

5) Here is the date chronology of the D/Dart program

6) Here is the conversion list from the factory so you could convert a HP273 to a D/Dart

7) Here is the Factory Sales Code information sheet showing how to order one

8) Here is the Factory Technical Service Bulletin issued when they were made

9) Here is the Factory Information Bulletin

10) Here is the Product Information Bulletin



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This is magazine photo of air cleaner (see below for an actual picture recently taken of one)

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