The Newcomer by Kenny Stewart in 2002

"They got the car from Banning Dodge...came in with the same shipment as the Bounty Hunter. I believe they took the car to Pennsylvania right away and a fellow named Dick Stiles tricked it up quite a bit and made a real runner out of it. The Newcomer was driven most successfully by Eli Patrick who now owns Purvis Ford in Fredricksburg, VA and runs the Pro Stock Mustang race team for his son Robert. Another fellow named Pete Towe drove the car for a while after

I know there's been a huge debate about how many of these cars were built. My dad always told me that they wre going to build 50 cars during a two week period in April '66. He got that info from a Dodge rep he was good friends with
and that fellow hooked them up with the car.

Eli was a hell of a driver. He won 42 straight events in 66-67! Not individual races, events. Those guys used to race about 3 days a week then...way more tracks than now. They took the Newcomer to a points championship in Florida in December I believe and won that too."