This is my all time favorite headline (circa 1966):


This front cover announces the results of the 12 hour Trans Am endurance race at Marlboro Raceway in Maryland in 1966.

Great headline, great photo!

Although I didn't attend that race I did go to the 1967 trans am race at Marlboro. It was the first and only time I saw a real "LeMans Start" where the drivers and cars are lined up on opposite sides of the straightaway and when the flag is waved the drivers sprint across the track, jump in the cars, hook up the seat belt harness, start the car and take off!

Try that nowdays!

The following photos were taken by me during the 1967 race. I obviously was there to see the Dodge Dart!

NOTE: The photos were taken with my then new Yashica D TLR medium format camera loaded with Ektachrome slide film. I was still learning how to judge the manual exposure settings so most of the photos were overexposed. Many shots are also a bit blurry. The camera was certainly able to take sharp pictures but it wasn't meant for this kind of photography. Therefore either my shutter speeds were a bit slow or I was trying a panning shot. I learned a lot from taking these pictures!

Since many years have passed these photos take on much more interest than I originally thought when I took them. They are a slice of history. So I will present all my photos even though some of them aren't the best. Each photo may contain something of historical interest to you. Let me know what you see in the photos that interests you.



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