1950 Gottlieb Bowlette Shuffle Alley

By Alan Lewis

The Bowlette is a shuffle alley bowling game sized to fit into a pinball size area. It scores the game per regulation bowling rules: Spare is 10 plus next shot, Strike is 10 plus next two shots. It also returns the puck to the player via an internal trough, exiting at the front bottom of the game. It is not a rebound type shuffle alley.



The Bowlette puck is much smaller than other shuffle alley pucks

The puck is returned via an internal trough. 5 switch banks along the trough activate the scoring

My game before restoration had some ugly wire damage and some kind of paint. Looks like a lot of wires were overheated and burned off the cloth insulation.

The bad wires were cut out and new wires solder spliced in. The color codes can be read inside the wiring harness at the splices.

A Pile-O-Bad Wires

The score motor has two discs: The upper disc is the typical cam operated switch design, the bottom is a stepper style disc with rivets and spring loaded shoes.

A new playfield was made from 12mm Baltic Birch plywood. The width has to fit into a 16 wide opening in the cabinet.

Old and New playfields

Old vs. New playfield

Masking tape for black lines.



The above image is the Setup Bank label: From front to back of game