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Match Race Home Movies!

1966 Landy vs. Bonner at Aquasco Speedway

Round 1; Round 2; Round 3

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Movies Copyright 2006 by Alan Lewis

Home Movies; 1964 Aquasco Dragway:

Tex Randallís AA/FD push start, then rooster tail start!

Added bonus: the first Gene Mori VW altered (B/A)

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Movies Copyright 2006 by Alan Lewis

1964 Dodge Super Stock

Aquasco Speedway (Windows Media Player file)



Sam Auxier 1966 Hemi

Capital Raceway

1965 Capital Raceway Park

Vernon Rowley

Vernon Rowley

April 1967 Aquasco Speedway

Sox and Martins Street Hemi

Sox vs. Jere Stahl

1963 Dodge Super Stocker

April 1967 Aquasco;

Jere Stahl's SS/B factory car racing (Dave Stricklers?) Camaro

I remember this as Dave Strickler but can't verify it.

1966 Capital Raceway

1966 Capital Raceway; Vernon Rowley and his newly acquired Sox & Martin Altered Wheelbase sedan (he also bought the Sox fuel Cuda)

1965 Capital Raceway; Nice original Hemi S/SA

1965 Capital Raceway; Knoblock Dodge, Vernon Rowley, and (Moyer?) 427 Comet FX car

1965 Capital Raceway; Black Jack 1964 427 Galaxy

March 20, 1966: Capital Raceway; Glen Frazierís Thunderbolt gets a handicap start against the injected Honker of Bud Faubel for second place.Faubel won with 10.39 @ 132 mph

Capital Raceway March 20, 1966: Grand Stock Meet

Vernon Rowley's Dodge running C/A

(Car in foreground: Warren's Auto Service; Pikesville Md.)

Vernon Rowley vs. Thomson Motors Special Comet

March 20, 1966: Grand Stock Meet at Capital Raceway

Back when they push started everything: That was part of the show!

Gene Mori's first cheVWagen B/A?

1964 Aquasco Speedway: clip from home movie

Rat Patrol B/A: Aquasco Speedway,April 1967

B/Gasser plays catchup to a Vette

Aquasco Speedway,. April 1967