By Alan Lewis


The playfield inserts on this game are molded with a marble swirl plastic. The colors are white for two inserts and yellow for the other two.

As usual with these inserts they were shrunken, discolored and distorted.

The discoloration was due to the very old lacquer finish on the playfield. Lacquer thinner would eventually start to dissolve it but it would also dissolve the black lettering.

I decided that the only way to eliminate the distortion and get the original color and marble finish back was to sand the top flat, removing the lettering.

Before the lettering was removed I scanned the insert faces into a computer so I could cut stencils. A printout is made and the letters are cut out.

Sanding really thins out the insert so be careful how much you remove.

Inserts after sanding

Stencil is cut, then temporary adhesive is applied to hold it tight to insert for painting

Hold insert and stencil up to the light to see if centered

All stencils on inserts ready for paint

Lacquer coat them

I potted a layer of clear epoxy inside of the inserts to reinforce the thinner wall resulting from sanding flat

Cut off the flange so the insert can be placed flush with the playfield.

The inserts had shrunk to .04" below flush with the playfield.

The playfield holes are 1.182" dia. The inserts are between 1.12-1.14" dia. Self stick plastic tape .020" thick was wrapped around the insert to take up most of the gap when placed into the hole.


Remove the lane guides by putting a thin flat protector on the playfield then prying it gently up first with a chisel knife and then a small screwdriver

Pull the posts


Just for reference in case you haven't seen an old dead bumper assembly

The center post may be rusty. It needs to conduct electricity so it must be cleaned

After cleaning

When installing bumper onto playfield align the teardrop on the skirt to point up towards the back of the machine.



I converted the old ring type of bumper contact to a spoon type switch used in modern pinball machines. 

I polished all the plastic parts using a fabric wheel in a drill press and plastic polish grit.


I ended up painting the inserts red and using red bulb covers to make a nice looking illumination.


Copyright 2007 by Alan Lewis

No copying without written permission from Alan Lewis