I call this project "StereoLego".

It's just a pile of pieces, but they all have a purpose.

They fit together with dowel pins for registration.

Sound familiar?

Now it's starting to look like something.

All pieces are 1/4" thick
mahogany, all horizontal,  no vertical pieces at all.  This is not built like a conventional "box" structure.

This design allows for complicated shapes and contours, making the body look more like a typical camera, and have tremendous strength when doweled and glued

The film plane is machined parallel to the body face.

The rear view showing the (unfinished) film plane and the two film spool cavities.

A baffle plate will be put in the middle to separate the stereo frames.

Right now it would make a good 6 x 13 camera.

This is the only camera piece that is built like a "box".

This box slides over the body extension, forming a light trap. At least that's the plan!

The lenses are mounted on a separate aluminum plate.

This is as far as I have progressed. 
I plan on coupling the rangefinder in the viewfinder to the focus adjustment.