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MagniView Orthostereoscopic stereoscope

For Holmes size stereoviews (antique and modern); Medium Format size antique and modern views

140mm (approx.) f.l. achromatic lenses

Teflon coated card slide, zero free play.

Adjustable lens centerline.

Table mount or hand held.

Second lens panel for smaller stereoviews; either antique or medium format slides or prints

Reflective card adapter for slides efficiently gathers overhead light

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DiamondView Achromatic Stereoscope

It's a hand held portable stereoscope and it's a hand held lorgnette stereoscope. It uses the superior coated achromatic lenses, PLUS the exclusive feature of lenses that are mounted to match the height of the stereocard. All other Holmes viewers have lenses mounted well below the stereocard centerline, introducing extra distortion.

A striking modern design made from solid oak that feels balanced and comfortable in your hand. Comes in a handy storage box so you can take the scope with you. Quick assembly. Unique "Zero Free Play" design sliding stage assures both perpendicular and parallel positioning of your stereoview. Sliding stage glides easily on Teflon guides.

The superior achromatic lenses will show you color and details you have never seen before in both your antique and self-made stereoviews. Even black and white stereoviews will look spectacular, free from the color fringing you are used to seeing.

A traveling scope

A Portable Scope

A Lorgnette


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The Achromat Lorgnette II

Go To ACHROMAT LORGNETTE for a stereoscope using optically superior achromatic prismatic lenses.

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