Spooks Gun Game

1969 by Williams

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Why don't many of these games have the Skull "Curtain" installed? I haven't found one yet with the curtain inside. The manual calls out for a curtain.  A mystery…

The Curtain is supposed to hide the skull target until it is activated in the game and moves into view.

See below, an original curtain finally surfaced.


Thanks to Kyle Parr

curtain thm.jpg

  Click here to download a full size scan for use.

Click here to go to my CURTAIN page showing how I fixed the mechanism and made a new curtain.




PROBLEM: Horizontal skull motor stopped working. Vertical skull motor still worked and everything else was OK. Motor was OK when jumped. Direction Relay wasn't kicking in. This relay worked fine when jumped.

SOLUTION: Take apart the left and right skull motor switch banks and clean thoroughly and adjust.


After cleaning all switches the motor starting working again.



PROBLEM: Various problems with curtain stopping out of position, witch target not stopping, and game startup weirdness.

SOLUTION:  Check the curtain and skull side switch banks carefully.  Any dirty or mis-adjusted contacts will create havoc with this game!




This is the skull motor side switch bank to check.

PROBLEM: Target hit sounds stay on continuously.

SOLUTION: Clean the relay shoe and the switch contacts.

PROBLEM: Rifle shots did not register as skull target hits when the skull target was going in one direction, but did register hits when the skull target reversed direction and went back down.

SOLUTION: Bend one of the skull rotating contacts to make contact with the circuit board.




Copyright 2006 by Alan Lewis