SPOOKS Curtain Assembly

By Alan Lewis

curtain down web2.jpg

This is the curtain assembly that is either missing or disconnected from most SPOOKS gun games. The curtain is a flat panel that forms a second scene background.

In this photo the curtain is in the down position, which happens after the Bullseye target is hit. It stays down through the Skull and Witch cycles and flips up out of the way after the Witch cycle.

gear mod 2.jpg

One reason that the curtain may not work is a damaged gear mechanism. This shows tooth damage on the large gear, and mine also had a stripped pinion gear.

gear mod 1.jpg

The large gear can be fixed by rotating it on the crank arm to expose new teeth and re-drill the screw holes. Only a few teeth are used to rotate the curtain.

gear mod 3.jpg

The pinion gear was also damaged on my game. It had already been rotated 90 degrees to fix it a long time ago. I had to find a new gear. The spec is 14 degree, 32 pitch, 16 teeth, .5 pitch diameter. McMaster Carr p/n 57655K34. The bore will have to be drilled out to .25 for the gun game shaft then cross drilled for the spring pin.

stencil pattern.jpg

Since my curtain was missing I had to make one. I did a low res b&w print from the curtain scan on this web page. This was tack glued to a piece of poster board. All the stencil patterns were cut from this.

stencil web.jpg

This is the stencil I made. I used flat black spray paint along with acrylic neon fluorescent paint pens to make the new curtain. My curtain is made on foam core board, but I would recommend using matte board because it is a lot easier to work with.

curtain up web.jpg

This is the finished curtain.

curtain up down web.jpg

The left photo shows the first cycle of a game where the object is to hit the bullseye. Once the bullseye is hit the curtain flips down into view and the skull target is activated. The photo on the right shows the curtain down.

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Copyright 2009 by Alan Lewis