by Alan Lewis; inspired by an idea from John Lewis
The world's first Interactive Race Tire Coffee Table!
Standard features include:
Roller base (a wheel on wheels of course)
Clear acrylic top
Good old American 5 hole lug nut pattern
Real chrome lug nuts
Mirrored display area for collectibles
The side view shows the clear top suspended by 5 threaded rods and fastened by the good old American chrome lug nuts. The center shelf can be adjusted to any height to allow for the thickness of your collectibles.
Any racing collectible can be put under the top. I have a variety of sizes from a rare 1/16 scale Nascar Dodge to the small Cheerios cerial box giveaways and some inbetween.
The mirror adds some depth.
With the top and tire removed you can see how it is constructed. Very simple for anyone to assemble. The center shelf can be adjusted to any height along the threaded rods.
Picture yourself relaxing while watching a Nascar race on TV. Your feet on the coffee table, a trusty bottle of V8 juice in one hand and the remote in the other. (No Nascar nut drinks V6 juice!)
Then you hear the words "...yellow flag pit stops.."
You quickly put down the V8 juice and remote and reach for your Binford 9000 air impact wrench that is always by your side!
For the first time you can participate real time in a race! Can you remove the lug nuts, take off the top and tire and then replace them faster than the pro's?

No more couch potato!
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DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home. The interactive sequence is for entertainment only. Professional actors were used in a closed room. No animals were harmed, unless you count the constant meowing of my cat behind the screen door trying to get in. Impact wrench is not really a Binford, I just made that up, and V8 juice is not the official drink of Nascar nor myself.
Copyright 2004 by Alan Lewis