Racetire Clock Project

by Alan Lewis

Here's another thing you can do with a racecar tire. This tire was purchased off of Ebay as a new Nascar race tire that was mounted and ready to race at Daytona. But it was not raced and was demounted. There is still the crayon marking for "RR Daytona" on the sidewall.

This is the same size tire as the Coffee Table project but a new tire versus a used tire.

I'm not showing the mounting fixture in the photos, just the finished project. The mounting fixture was made from 3/4" thick mdf. A round piece to screw to the wall and two rectangular pieces formed into a "V" to support the tire from the inside bead. A smaller round piece was fastened to the "V" face to mount the clock.

The clock is a Spencer Gifts neon clock modified by gluing a racing photo onto the face, under the clock hands. I used a 1970 Richard Petty Daytona photo. But any neon clock up to a diameter of 15" will work. There are auto-theme neon clocks available.

The backlighting effect was done using red rope lights. When hidden behind the tire they emit a neon-like light.

This makes one BOLD clock!







The finished tire mounted on a wall.











Both lights turned on.







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