What is so new in wedding photography that it is already 150 years old?

Stereo Wedding Photography

Stereo photographs were first made popular in the 1850's.

Stereo photography is a true three dimensional photographic system.

Remember this?

A stereo wedding view from 100 years ago.

This stunning 3-D image will still hold your fascination.


That was at the turn of the last century.

Now fast forward to the turn of this century.


What you can have


It also will be around 100 years from now as part of  your family's historical record.

A treasured heirloom.



This is the stereo wedding package that I have designed for my use:

 The viewer is a new, antique style, stereoscope made of mahogany and brass, with precision glass lenses. The display chest is matching mahogany with a glass top to show off the stereoviews, and a compartment for the bride's memento's of the wedding day. 

The wedding photographs are displayed for all to see, not hidden away on a bookshelf like a conventional album.

What's more, the couple can continue to add personal stereo views of the family's growth by taking their own stereo photographs.

The stereo view cards have an extra touch that has never been done before: brass corners.  The brass corners make the viewcards like pages in a album, and protect the card against damage.

This is a very elegant way to preserve and present the family's history, to be passed on through the generations.


  I started out with the intention of doing stereo weddings only. But the total lack of a high quality antique styled stereoscope directed me into the design and manufacturing of my SaturnScope stereoscope. Since that time I have continued designing and manufacturing many other types of stereo viewers, and therefore I do not have any time to actually take stereo weddings anymore. Go figure!

I present this concept along with my package ideas for your inspiration. I do not take stereo wedding photographs any longer, but I am convinced it is a "market waiting to happen" for anyone with the initiative to learn and apply stereo photography techniques.

There are links below that will show you how to find a stereo wedding photographer, and how to do it yourself.


Can you use stereo photography for any wedding?

Absolutely.  It is such a unique way to record an event that it fits with all types of wedding styles.  The more unique the wedding is, the more you need a unique style of photography. 

It is especially good for theme weddings too.

Weddings with themes running from the Victorian period all the way to the 1930's are perfect for this style of photography, since it was very popular during those times.

Who does stereo wedding photography?

The number of stereo wedding photographers is small at the current time. The following is a list of photographers who have photographed weddings, even though they may not photograph in the same print format that I am presenting on this web page. I feel that stereo wedding photography is so unique that no matter what format you choose the results will be spectacular.

The term "format" refers to what kind of film and viewer the photographer uses. We all use the same basic stereo camera equipment, but we choose whether we use print film, or slide film. In addition there is the popular ViewMaster stereo format that we are all familiar with (the round reels).

There are three major stereo wedding photography formats:

1) Antique style print format: This is what I present on this web page. Negative print film is used in the stereo camera. Stereo weddings deserve the best in equipment and presentation. You should only use a viewer that has glass lenses, and is designed to not only look elegant but also be a precision viewing device. The viewer quality is key to a high quality image. The quality of the final print mount is critical as well. Only someone experienced with properly mounting stereo photographs should be considered.

2) Realist format slide format: This uses slide film in the camera and produces a stereo slide to view. A special stereo slide viewer is used for viewing the slides. The slide viewer should be a high quality viewer using achromat lenses and a halogen bulb for illumination. Anything less than this will not produce the high quality that stereo wedding photography deserves. Remember that with a slide format you do not have a negative to make a print from. Prints must be made from your original slide.

3) ViewMaster format: This is the popular "reel" format that is still sold in toy stores today. Don't be fooled though, a ViewMaster stereo reel is a high quality image worthy of being used in wedding photography. Royal weddings have been photographed in the ViewMaster format for many years. The most important thing with this format is the viewer. For stereo weddings I feel that the minimum quality viewer should be a Model D focusing viewer, not the typical viewers that most people have. Ask the photographer to show you the viewer that they sell with the package.


View my registry of stereo wedding photographers

How to do it yourself


Stereo photography is exciting and very rewarding. Using it for weddings is even more rewarding.

Good luck, and above all, have fun.